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Working to End Sexual Violence and Help Survivors Find Hope for Healing

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Survivors of sexual assault deserve support and do not have to go through their experience alone.

Users can enter the name of their rapist(s) through the form in this app in an effort to start the first centralized Rapist Database. All information will be kept confidential, but users may select the option of receiving a notice if another person enters the name of the same rapist in our database.

Users also can anonymously "log" their experience of sexual assault as a first step in breaking the silence.

The following conditions have sparked the launch of this app:
  • Widespread allegations of sexual assault in the recent news and social media;
  • Shifting power dynamic as more victims speak out;
  • Historically low prosecution rate of offenders;
  • No existing centralized database for keeping track of perpetrators.

Many survivors have suffered silently and alone, not daring to tell anyone about the abuse. Some common reasons for keeping silent are as follows:
* Believing they were somehow at fault (which is NEVER the case!)
* Feeling too ashamed to tell
* Fearing retaliation from either the offender or friends and family

Keeping this inside can cause a number of common issues for survivors including depression, anxiety, addictions, self-harm, suicidal thoughts, eating disorders, relationship problems, work problems and more. Breaking the silence can be the first step toward healing.

We are proud of the survivors who have the resilience to speak out and want to thank you for sharing your experience with us. There is hope and healing out there. We are sorry for your pain and our hope is that you find the healing you deserve.

The app also contains links to the latest news on sexual assault and encouraging stories to help survivors find hope and healing.